Saturday, June 23, 2012

Welcome to the shift!

The world around us is changing at a new and dynamic rate of speed. Many of you may be feeling the call to step into new paths of thinking, being, and interacting with the world around you. The clarion call has been sounded..

Welcome to the Shift.

What is Paradigm Shift DC? Paradigm Shift DC is an open source gathering for the purpose of expansion. Paradigm shift was created as a youth initiated community that encourages and supports open-mindedness, healthy living, and the evolution of consciousness. Our purpose is to question, engage, and open to possibility. We will discuss topics ranging from: esoteric and occult science, new science/thought, psychic development, channeling, ufology, shamanism, and the list goes on. We will hold workshops, gatherings, consciousness camps, drum circles, spiritual activism, and soul evolution. This group is open to seekers regardless of where they are on the path. We want to create a community where you can meet other like minded seekers. Come out, listen, engage, teach, expand and be part of this dynamic community.

We just launched our radio program!

Tune in every Saturday night 11pm EST
Paradigm Shift Radio

I am also in the process of getting the Paradigm Shift Meetup Group up and running.

You can also join our Facebook Group Page

This is an interactive group. Come out, share your ideas, post discussions.

A "movement" moves... and we need you to be part of this emerging community.

You can also contact me directly at: